As SAIT faculty, you have access to all library services including specialized options designed with your teaching and research success in mind. Check out the services listed below or contact your library liaison – a specialist in your subject area – for assistance with research, teaching, selection of resources and more!

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Teaching Support

Librarians and staff are here to support you in all your course delivery and teaching needs.

Do your students need to conduct research to complete an assignment? Book a librarian-led instruction session to introduce them to research best practices. Learn more.
The Library maintains a collection of required textbooks at our Information Desk. To add recommended texts to this collection, learn more about Reserves or contact your library liaison.
Linking to e-resources in documents or D2L? Use the Library Link Helper to ensure links work correctly on- and off-campus.
Independent contractors, paid through Finance rather than payroll, teaching or doing course development at SAIT can apply for library privileges.
The Library has a vast collection of streaming video and DVDs supporting SAIT programs and curriculum. Search the collections and learn about booking Instructional DVDs for classroom viewing.
Found something great you think we should have? Suggest a book or other resource to us.
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Research Services

In addition to supporting SAIT students, we’re here for you and all your research needs.

Working on your scholarly activity plan? Review our research support services or find your library liaison for assistance throughout your research process, from the literature review to publication.
If you’re participating in the Professional Credential Enhancement program, the Library can support you in your course work. Submit a research request or contact the Information Desk.
Sign up for the Faculty Research Series to brush up on research skills, learn about principles of data management and more.
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